Cache 2


Cameleoline Cloak
Miracle: Imposing- 20 to intimidate or command tests. Steady- 1 reroll per game.
Craft: Best-
Quirks: Surly- stopper med at virke på 96
, men giver +2 ini. Cruel- 1 reroll dmg per spil.

Crystaline Blade
1d10+3 pen8, Blanced, Powerfield.
Miracle: Compact. Incalcuable precision- +2 DoS.
Craft: Best- +10 ws, plus 1 dmg
Quirks: Patient- +1 DoS, men -3 ini. Luck +1 Fortune Point.

Jump pack
Miracle: Compact
Craft: Common
Quirks: Vanishing -10 to all search tests when its concealed. Surly: stopper med at virke på tests der er 96+, +2 initiative.


Cache 2

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